Jan 22

The Lives We Get To Touch

This was one of those weeks at Quickblade where I sat back and said “I cannot believe I get to work here”. Stand up Paddling is a pretty amazing thing to do just by yourself out on the water, taking in the scenery, the ocean, the wildlife, the vast openness of this world. But to …

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Jan 20

Taco Tuesday 1-19-16

Taco Tuesday was back for 2016 and this session was one of the strongest yet. The energy of this group was infectious. Everyone was into one thing – learning. If you are not familiar with the format, we have one group in the flume with Jimmy and the other participants get to do Indo Board …

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Jan 19

See You at HanoHano with Jonas Letieri

If you have seen our Payette River Games film by Pat Myers of Quickblade Films and Myers Films you know of a really amazing paddler Jimmy met there named Jonas Letieri. Jonas left the whole crowd feeling elated after paddling out to compete with the world’s best in the craziest form of SUP – White …

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Jan 15

QB Matchsticks!!

Match Sticks! They were all the rage at the SURF EXPO in Florida this weekend. And from the ringing phones and emails, sounds like you all are just as excited about these new paddles as we are. Truthfully, the concept was hatched by the mad scientist about a year ago. After seeing the prominence of the …

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Jan 14

What’s in Their Hands? Paddle Stats, Part 2

First off, thank you to everyone for all of the amazing comments, thoughts and sentiments after we did the last post about our paddles being used by more of the world’s top 25 racers then any other paddle brand. If you missed that original post, check it out here. Since the original post, our friend at …

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Jan 08

Yes, The Top Racers Use Our Paddles

Last week a VERY good friend and business associate was in the office and asked us “so how many of the top men and women actually use Quickblade?” – humbly we (Jim, Lizzie and I) all looked at each other a little puzzled because we actually did not know the answer- specifically. Certainly we have …

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Jan 06

QB Top Videos of 2015

Well, we failed to make the “boss man” SUP Racer Top 15 videos   But – we still managed to capture some good times and provide you all with some good old fashioned paddling information. We took some time and made our own QB Top 5 SUP Videos of the year based on our actual views….We are already …

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Dec 16

Taco Tuesdays – 12/15/2015

If you have been following our social media this past month you know we have been doing these fun nights with Anthony Vela and Performance Paddling – Taco Tuesdays. From the first night, AV and Jimmy figured it would be best to have rotating training stations between the flume and AV’s training specialty – Indo …

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Dec 16

The Paddle Diva Heads to Puerto Rico

Good friend of QB’s The Paddle Diva, Gina Bradley just sent me some exciting news. They are going to be teaching their proprietary method of teaching SUP in Puerto Rico ! Paddle Diva has already become a pretty well known brand in SUP and her teachings on the East Coast have creating a thriving community …

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Dec 08

The Trifecta and V Drive FG/CA

After a year of R and D, we are so excited to announce the release of our FG/CA Trifecta and V Drive paddles just in time for the holidays. These are the exact same molds and templates as their winning all carbon cousins. The new paddles also come in fleet of new color choices ! …

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