Nov 24

QB Stocking Stuffers 2015 (Under $25 QB gifts)

It’s the holidays and that means gift giving. We not only make the best paddles for the best paddlers, but also a whole bunch of accessories and other items designed to help you live the aquatic lifestyle we all get to enjoy. I thought it be fun to list off some of our favorite QB stocking stuffers …

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Nov 24

Train Hard

As the end of the year approaches – it seems customary for people to stop and take stock of the past year, where they are, what they are doing and what is next. It’s no different for Quickblade we recently got into a roundtable discussion about what we mean when we say “Train Hard. Go Fast. …

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Nov 04

Warren’s Moto Adventure!!

QB’s Canada dealer, Warren Currie sent us some pretty epic photos this last week. Warren is not only a stand up paddler  – but a motorcycle enthusiast. He has done trips on his bike in the winter to go on some pretty epic snowboard adventures and recently went on a SUP adventure – combining two …

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Oct 27

The Composite Patch Kit

Being on the road as much as all of us at QB here are, we have pretty much seen it all. And for anyone that travels to races you know that when it comes to your board and our paddle – certainly anything can happen. Just recently before the PPG we set up a make shift …

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Oct 21

Quick Questions with Candice Appleby

After a string of recent wins for the last month, I got a couple minutes of Candice Appleby’s time to go over her amazing year, whats going on next, and how she has managed to stay on top for so long.  For those not familiar with Candice’s resume. She is not just a stand up …

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Oct 20

The Unstoppable Candice Appleby

We have to give a big shout out to one of our favorite team members, Candice Appleby. Certainly we all know of Candice – she is by far one of the most decorated racers in SUP history. No one woman has (nor probably will) win 6 BOP titles. But recently, she has been on a streak winning …

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Sep 29

Payette 2015

After the 2014 Payette River Games event (When Jamie Mitchell confirmed his super hero status by winning the Axe throw) it went onto our calendar as a MUST. So Jimmy deployed along with our in house film maker Pat Myers. Over there they met up with our team that included Kelly Margetts, Shakira Westrop, Candice …

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Sep 23

Try The Paddle First

I am one of the people (along with Stacey and Hugo) who take all of the incoming calls to Quickblade. If you call us during office hours, chances are you will be getting at least one of the three of us on the phone. Most may not realize it – but our average phone call …

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Aug 27

First Reviews – The Maunalua 26 Steering Paddle

A while back, Jimmy set out to make not just a steering paddle – but a Quickblade Steering paddle. He tested and tested. He tried and tried to make one that was as versitle as anything currently available. We have been lucky to have a solid line of great outrigger paddles for many years – …

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Jun 25

QB on the Road!

Jojo has been logging miles across the Eastern portion of the United States bringing Quickblade love to some of our dealers. She has spent time with a lot people, seen a couple races and made TONS of new friends on her travels across the country. Check out the pictures below of her journey so far …

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