Oct 21

Catching Our Breath, After BOP…

As the tents came down on Sunday at the BOP – we have been taking a collective sigh…it’s the end of the season…sort of… BOP was once again a stellar event. Lots of questions about the move to Salt Creek, but once more Sparky and his team were able to put on a world class …

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Sep 09

Getting the Band Back Together – Catalina Outrigger 2014

Jimmy got the band back together last year for the Catalina Outrigger Challenge. The team he had assembled was reminiscent of his winning combo 16 years ago (And it was at that race 16 years ago he met Lizzie and in many ways, Quickblade was born!)   So when the race came around we tried …

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Aug 13

Custom Paddles!!!

A Custom Paddles + a Flume Session with Jimmy?? um, yes please!   We are so stoked to now offer you the opportunity to get a custom QB paddle from Jim Terrell. In this new package, you can come to our Costa Mesa Factory and meet the entire team and work with Jimmy in his …

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Aug 07

The Great FAQ Video Post

At Quickblade we are all about you, the customer, and making sure that you have the best products available. And yes, sometimes, stuff happens to the paddles. A knick, you want to shorten it, you have a problem with the shaft.  We have been posting these one by one as we made them to both …

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Aug 05

FAQ: How to fix a Blade

In the ever growing list of most asked questions that come to our email, this is one that comes from our surfers out there more often then not. How many out there have been surfing a reef or paddled out from a rocky shore line and accidentally “dinged” your blade? Well the good news is …

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Jul 21

FAQ: How to Snap a Paddle…

We have got a few emails from people saying that they were paddling and their paddle just SNAPPED! It is a strange thing because we have some pretty hard core surfers like Dave Kalama and Jamie Mitchell on the team roster, and you know, we checked – they don’t snap paddles. At least not that …

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Jul 17

EVENTS: Santa Monica Pier

Every year we celebrate all things paddling and the deep deep deep history of paddling at the famous Santa Monica Pier. This mid summer event, is one of our favorites of the year. The pier has over 40 years of history with paddleboard – as the hub of the early paddling community. The later it …

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Jun 24

Big Weekend for Team QB

  Team Quickblade had one heck of a weekend this past week. In Idaho our own Fernando Stalla and Candice Appleby both came away the big winners at the Payette River Games. Both took out a pretty stacked field of both river/whitewater and ocean stand up paddlers to take home the largest payout to date …

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Jun 16

Let the River Games Begin!

This week brings us what is turning out to be a pretty star studded, all star event in – Idaho…not exactly the SUP capital of the universe but all of that will change this week. Jimmy, Travis Grant, Jamie Mitchell, Kelly Margets, Candice and Anthony, Fernando, Chris Parker and a number of other QB team …

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May 27

Trifecta or V Drive?

Photo Jun 29, 10 56 57 AM (1)

I have been lucky enough to be on the road the last couple of weeks and have been so stoked to meet so many paddlers from all over the county. First thing they say is “Love your videos” next they ask is “what paddle do you like better – V Drive or Trifecta?” . In …

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