Apr 28

The Ever Evolving Paddle Size Debate

Since the start of stand up paddling, we have seen a tremendous change in paddle sizes, blades and overall technology. Anyone else remember the blades we all started with? 110, 120 sq inch blades have now become 90, 83, 96 square inches. It’s getting more rare for us to ship a blade over 100 square …

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Mar 25

Carolina Cup Clinics!

As the premier stand up paddling event on the East Coast, the Carolina Cup is a yearly gathering of tribes for our sport. So it should be no surprise that once more, Jimmy will be on hand with Dave Kalama and Larry Cain teaching you how to train hard, go fast and have a lot …

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Mar 10

Paddle for Polar Bears

Every once in a while we get emails from people who are out doing adventures using our paddles. As you can imagine, for our office it is really gratifying to see the paddles being used all over the globe and in some cases to benefit great causes. Recently, I got an email from film maker …

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Mar 09

“Stroke of Genius” – Jimmy in Newport Magazine

Last Summer  Jimmy sat down with Newport Magazine to talk fitness, stand up and his own career. This was a nice piece done by our friend, Joe Carberry of SUP The Mag fame. Be sure to read these wonderful insights from the mad scientist himself..     Download the PDF of the interview HERE   …

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Feb 06

FAQ: Smaller blade or shorter shaft? which can I do first?

A GREAT question that came up from a QB customer was a reflection on current trends we are seeing in our team. That is to go with a shorter shaft and a smaller blade. But what about us normal folks who may not have the option of purchasing an all new paddle…which would help us …

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Dec 29

FAQ: What is the difference in the shaft options?

Another common question coming into our support box these days… What are the differences in the shafts that you guys have available? Jimmy’s answer… ROUND TAPERED SHAFT: The round tapered shaft is 1.15” (29.2 mm) diameter on the lower end where it connects to the blade and tapers gradually towards the handle staying round in …

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Nov 25

FAQ: How to Shorten Your Tapered Shaft Paddle

This is for sure a most frequently asked question we get a lot! Let’s face it, the sport is still very new and people are just now figuring out some of the intricacies of paddling – from stroke and now to length of the paddle itself. With the launch of the new Trifecta and V …

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Nov 25

Ah Shucks, thanks Big Winds…

Got this super nice email from Big Winds – namely Steve Gates. They are THE shop in the Hood River area for any and all paddling and water sports needs. He sent this out to their customer base and well, it was so nice we wanted to share it with y’all   “The hottest race …

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Nov 17

A Terrell Abroad : Japan!

Jimmy has been quite the road warrior lately and fresh from Fiji he jumped on a plane for Japan! Wait? Stand up in Japan? Yes, the sport is taking hold in the region. Jimmy has written a longer piece for our friends at SUP Racer, but I got a hold of a couple photos he …

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Oct 21

Catching Our Breath, After BOP…

As the tents came down on Sunday at the BOP – we have been taking a collective sigh…it’s the end of the season…sort of… BOP was once again a stellar event. Lots of questions about the move to Salt Creek, but once more Sparky and his team were able to put on a world class …

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