Mar 10

Mongoose Cup (Live/Love like Bob)

Ok, we had a couple hundred –well more like a couple thousand shots from this weekend’s Mongoose Cup. It was a homecoming of sorts – we had paddlers from all over the country in the area to pay tribute with a morning paddle out for our friend Bob Risner. Bob and Besty (his wife) are …

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Feb 27

The Ever Asked Question of Blade Sizes

Jim Terrell’s email inbox is a nightmare. If it were a physical bin, it would be like someone dumping reams and reams of paper into it every morning. It would over flow and flood into the office next door and out into the driveway. It’s easy to think “The guy runs Quickblade, he must paddle …

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Feb 25


We went silent yesterday – no Monday line up, no blog posts, no facebook sharing. Nothing. We (our entire office) was in a state of shock. I turned to Lizzie and said “I think Bob Risner passed away”. We sat and  stared at each other. She was in the middle of some trademark stuff and …

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Feb 17

Monday Line Up 2-17-14

Hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day or as some called it “National Single Awareness Day”…which ever you were doing – we hope that you had a great weekend. Around the paddling planet, it was another pretty quiet weekend  - but things pick up here in So Cal again this week with a round …

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Feb 13

Two New Paddles…Which one is for me?

You may heard by now that we just released two new paddles – the V Drive with Dave Kalama and the Trifecta which was co-engineered with Travis Grant. Both paddles carry the same price point and each is designed with some very very very new and innovative shapes that have not been used in Stand …

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Feb 10

MONDAY LINE UP 2-10-2014

OH MY!! Is is already almost mid February? where has the time gone?? Locally in So Cal, the race reason is picking up steam and it’s getting to the point where we have an event almost every weekend. But across the country, there have been races and events and we will do our best to …

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Feb 03

Monday Line Up 2-3-2014

A weekend without a race? seems so strange…but man there were lots of things happening in the scene…     BOP???? unless you have been under a rock the last few days you have seen the news that the BOP is moving from Doheny to Salt Creek. The most lively discussion is happening on SUP …

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Jan 28

HanoHano 2014

Every winter after BOP – we all start to slow down. We eat more, the air gets colder, it actually rains once in a while. Training suddenly seems less vital, that extra piece of cake and fourth or fifth beer is probably the way to go….Then come the holidays. Weeks of indulgence follow – turkey, …

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Jan 27

Monday Line Up 1-27-2014

Good Morning Paddlers!! Here is our weekly round up of some of the stories and photos from around the world of paddling. Lots of interesting blog posts, photos and races this week/weekend to get all caught up on…hopefully this will cure any sign of “the mondays”! Oh HanoHano!!  What a way to kick off the …

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Jan 20

Monday Line Up 1-20-2014

Hi everyone, welcome to our 2nd Monday Line Up. Thanks for all of the positive feedback on last week’s post and for sharing and commenting it across the web. First off on a personal note – HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my big brother Steve! my big bro is one of the biggest inspirations in my world. …

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