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at the heart of your ability to go fast is training and nutrition and here at QB we have a lot of people with a lot of great ideas

Nov 24

Train Hard

As the end of the year approaches – it seems customary for people to stop and take stock of the past year, where they are, what they are doing and what is next. It’s no different for Quickblade we recently got into a roundtable¬†discussion about what we mean when we say “Train Hard. Go Fast. …

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Dec 30

I Resolve To….

Two days till 2014 and of course, I got to thinking about this whole New Year’s resolution game we play on ourselves. I have lots of friends who are trainers and they love this time of year. It’s when they get all of those new clients with that common resolution of “This is the year …

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Nov 26

Obligatory Thanksgiving Post

It’s turkey day. I cannot believe it. 2013 has flown by with hardly a blink, and here we are at the precipice of 2014. Lately, the blogs and facebook have been clogged with gratitude lists and obligatory blogs about gratitude. So this is mine. I know in my life, I don’t spend enough time reflecting …

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Oct 22

First Race


Having been in and around stand up for some time, I have been able to witness a lot of “firsts” – and in no other sport is the concept of a “first” more noted then in SUP. It’s easy to see why, stand up is a new sport. It is all uncharted territory. ¬†Look at …

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May 14

Lunch with Jimmy: Body, Mind and Soul

This lunch with Jimmy was supposed to a technical discussion about racing with Candice and Anthony, but we got sidetracked talking about eating and the value of what you put in your body and how it effects you as an athlete. All of this while we were making what we call “QB Love Wraps”. There …

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Mar 28

Random Workout with Bailey and Jimmy

You just never know what you are going to get yourself into when you come by QB headquarters. On her way through So Cal from the Mexico event, Bailey Rosen stopped by only to end up getting a little weight training session in with Jimmy. For those who have not guessed, strength training is a …

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Jan 22

Jamie On Nutrition and Training on SUPConnect

Check out our own Jamie Mitchell breaking down his routines with SUPConnect…

Dec 12

Lunch with Jimmy EP2: SSI and Shaft Breaks

What does that SSI number mean? And how to shafts break? well those two questions came across Jimmy’s desk and armed with ONLY what was on his desk during lunch time – a straw and two bottle caps – Jimmy launches into detailed description to answer these two critical questions for anyone wanting to know …

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Nov 21

Lunch with Jimmy! – Ep: 1- Displacement

In our FIRST Lunch with Jimmy video, Jimmy goes over the basics of something all paddlers deal with – water displacement. Understanding this concept helps you understand what is happening to the board as it is being pulled past the paddle. Got a question? Email and we’ll cover it in this new series from …

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Nov 13

Stroke Analysis , Part 2

After the success of Jimmy’s first analysis video, we got barraged with more questions then I guess we answered. So with that in mind, Jimmy and the crew went to the harbor – again armed with a high speed camera, a PVC pipe marked off at one foot intervals and this time with an all …

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