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our QB retailers are the heart of our company and here you can learn about our retailers and their events

Nov 14

QB Team: Derek Schrotter from China to Chattajack

Our good friend Derek Schrotter runs Paddle Sport Performance, one of our leading Canadian retailers. Not only a kick arse member of the QB family – Derek (seemingly like all Canadians) was born paddling. He has competed on an international level in C1 canoe as well as Dragonboat and of course, SUP.  At the Chattajack, …

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Jan 15

QB Matchsticks!!

Match Sticks! They were all the rage at the SURF EXPO in Florida this weekend. And from the ringing phones and emails, sounds like you all are just as excited about these new paddles as we are. Truthfully, the concept was hatched by the mad scientist about a year ago. After seeing the prominence of the …

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Dec 16

The Paddle Diva Heads to Puerto Rico

Good friend of QB’s The Paddle Diva, Gina Bradley just sent me some exciting news. They are going to be teaching their proprietary method of teaching SUP in Puerto Rico ! Paddle Diva has already become a pretty well known brand in SUP and her teachings on the East Coast have creating a thriving community …

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Nov 25

Ah Shucks, thanks Big Winds…

Got this super nice email from Big Winds – namely Steve Gates. They are THE shop in the Hood River area for any and all paddling and water sports needs. He sent this out to their customer base and well, it was so nice we wanted to share it with y’all   “The hottest race …

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May 29

Dealer Spotlight: Paddleboard Specialists, EVENTS

One reoccurring theme with all of our retailers is their commitment to events. Whether it be sponsoring meet up groups, social paddles, sponsoring a race or even an individual rider. Each of our dealers seems to want to give back to the community and offer people a chance to get out and paddle together. That …

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May 21

Dealer Spotlight: Paddleboard Specialists: The Community

A common thread with our most active QB dealers is their presence in the community. Gary Stone and Paddleboard Specialists set a pretty high standard in this regard. Knowing that stand up is one of those sports that once people try it they love it – they made lessons an integral part of their launch …

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May 07

Dealer Spotlight: Paddleboard Specialists

Since 2007, Gary Stone of Madison, Wisconsin and his crew have been the die hard supporters of stand up in the midwest exposing hundreds, if not thousands to SUP. Starting out as a wind surfing distributor – Gary has been involved in board sports for a long time. When Gary got into stand up, it …

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Mar 13

Dealer Spotlight: SunCoast – The Magic of Events

Continuing our look at Suncoast Surf Shop…. One of the keys to the success of this shop is their dedication to community. Suncoast puts on events on almost a weekly basis – from group paddles, to movie nights to events like this – their Swap A Rama Suncoast Swamp A Rama from Quickblade Paddles on …

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Mar 01

Dealer Spotlight: SunCoast Surf Shop

  Each month QB will bring to you an up close portrait of one of our retailers. We are starting off this program with a look at Suncoast Surf Shop located in Treasure island, Florida. Suncoast Surf Shop owned by Joe Nuzzo since 1966 , is a local social hub, and a nexus for events, …

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Jan 22

Drop in from High Tide in Holland


Our friends from Holland came across the globe to check out the Flume this past week..said Jimmy,  ” Our friends from Holland Ivo Kemper and Tamar Moorman checked out the Quickblade flume today. High Tide Surf Shop in Holland is the place to go for QB paddles in Holland and Belgium.” Thanks Ivo and Tamar …

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