Oct 27

The Composite Patch Kit

Being on the road as much as all of us at QB here are, we have pretty much seen it all. And for anyone that travels to races you know that when it comes to your board and our paddle – certainly anything can happen. Just recently before the PPG we set up a make shift board hospital out front to fix some of the team’s boards that were damaged in transit to Southern California. With that in mind, Jimmy started investigating various patch kits that could be used as you head to races to handle paddle and board repairs. The kits needed to be easy to use, portable and cost effective. We partnered with a great company to begin offering these kits that are super easy to use and effective. We used their product on a couple paddles and it worked flawlessly.

Below is a video with Jimmy we made one day in the shop to demonstrate the patch kit and how it works..

We now sell this kit on our website and you can go here to purchase one yourself so that you can put one in your travel bag for your next race.

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  1. Alankrita

    “Greate”The Composite Patch”
    Being out and about as much as every one of us at QB here seem to be, we have basically seen it all. Furthermore, for anybody that goes to races you realize that with regards to your board and our oar – absolutely anything can happen. Only as of late before the PPG we set up a make shift board healing facility out front to alter a percentage of the group’s sheets that were harmed in travel to Southern California. Considering that, Jimmy began exploring different patch packs that could be utilized as you make a beeline for races to handle oar and board repairs. The packs should have been anything but difficult to utilize, compact and financially savvy. We joined forces with an awesome organization to start offering these units that are super simple to utilize and viable. We utilized their item on a few oars and it worked impeccably.

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