Dec 08

The Trifecta and V Drive FG/CA

After a year of R and D, we are so excited to announce the release of our FG/CA Trifecta and V Drive paddles just in time for the holidays. These are the exact same molds and templates as their winning all carbon cousins.

The new paddles also come in fleet of new color choices ! We have been hard at work testing these new paddles and felt they actually deserved a new shaft to go with them. We call it the RT85 – and it is a round tapered all carbon shaft that has ten inches at the end of the taper for you to be able to more easily shorten this shaft. This shaft is cut and bonded at the handle end. But the blades and shafts are still joined at a 45 degree cut at the blade end keeping the innovative strengthening design of the all carbon versions. The RT85 only has a carbon grip whereas the Flyweight shaft offers the option for the EVA grip.

This configuration really works for all paddlers Рbut we feel that the racer, the surfer and recreational paddler will all find it useful.  We also are making this in our adjustable configuration off the flyweight shaft.

For lengths, we are making the following recommendations:

V Drive 81 – Suggested Length 60′-75″

Trifecta 86 – Suggested Length 71″-80

V Drive 91 – Suggested Length 71″-80

Right now we have the V drive 81 and 91 and Trifecta 86 all in stock. In 2016 Jimmy plans to have a V Drive 71 and Trifecta 76 ready in this configuration. All of these new paddles will be shipping with either the RT85 or the Flyweight shaft – each carries an SSI index of approximately 35 (it varies based on actual length of the paddle).

Check out the paddles on our website and at your local QB retailer. They are just now shipping this week only to dealers. We are not selling them on our site until we know that our dealer’s orders have been all filled.





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  1. Kieran O' Riordan

    Hi guys,
    I’m very interested to know a bit more about the RT85 shafts.
    I cut my paddles really short; 62″ to 64″ approx.
    As a result I always have to use Flyweight shafts because I could never cut the standard round tapered or oval tapered shafts short enough.
    What’s the diameter of these RT85 shafts at the wide point and how short can you cut them?



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