Jan 15

QB Matchsticks!!

Match Sticks! They were all the rage at the SURF EXPO in Florida this weekend. And from the ringing phones and emails, sounds like you all are just as excited about these new paddles as we are. Truthfully, the concept was hatched by the mad scientist about a year ago. After seeing the prominence of the vector net, carbon weave construction race boards out there, Jimmy got to thinking that we could do the same with our paddles. Of course being Jimmy, it’s not enough to just make something fun – he wanted to include as many people in the fun as possible.

Thus he reached out to our old friend Sean at Hobie who was more then willing to work with Jimmy on a new adventure – custom paddles to match custom boards. Jimmy perfected the process and started to make some paddles for select Hobie team members who both race and surf. As with anything we at Quickblade do that is new, he wanted to ensure the paddles perform up to our high quality standards. They exceeded our expectations comparing to their all carbon relatives in both surf and race conditions. 

Right now, we are only set up for producing the V Drive 91’s in this configuration and are working to get up and running with other paddles and sizes in the near future. Custom paddles are available from your board manufacturer; such as Hobie. It is suggested that as soon as you pick the colors for your board, the paddles are ordered as these paddles require a lead time to produce.

In March 2016 – we will be releasing the vector net on the V Drive 91 in two standard colors – Red/Yellow Fade and Green/Yellow Fade which will be available from dealers and directly from Quickblade. Otherwise, these paddles are available on a custom basis from your favorite board builder. 

Here are some shots of board/paddle combos we have completed so far…

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 1.22.28 PM

Hobie 1-14

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 1.25.09 PM




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  1. Joao Figueiredo

    I am interesting in your blades How cam i take a look in your surf modelos ? Thank you

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