Mar 24

The Unstoppable Jonas

There are people that come into  your life that make a world of difference. Jonas is one of those people. This video explains how a double amputee from Brazil ended up spending a week with us here at Quickblade and not only taught us about life, but about faith. In the spirit of Easter and the Resurrection, this is the story of resurrection itself. Of a man “walking a bridge to a new life” that will (we hope) move you as much as it has moved us.

Jonas will be back in town in the coming months, and we are all axiously awaiting his return…

for now, here is his story…



The Unstoppable Jonas from Quickblade Paddles on Vimeo.

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  1. Robert ETIENNE

    Hello Lizzy, Jim and the Quickblade crew,

    What a fantastic video ! wonderful example of dealing with extreme adversity !

    I would love to promote this video and share it with Swiss Sport associations that promote sport activities for physically challenged individuals. Maybe one year Jonas could give a clinic in our country ?

    Jonas, you have already impacted our lives, your smile alone bears witness of what God is capable of doing when man puts his trust in Him !
    You are welcome to visit us and discover the multi facets of Stand Up on our pristine lakes. We would love to have you over in the near future, we have much to learn from you ! Keep the stoke and thanks for sharing your perseverance and unfailing faith

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