Mar 29

The QB Committee: Michael Murphy

Adding members to the committee is an office wide task. Who has been with us from the get go? who shows us time and time again not only their love and friendship but they embody the spirit of “Train Hard. Go Fast. Have Fun.” ?

We named Charlie Banfield the Chairman of the QB Committee. And our second member is in a league all is own. Michael Murphy is a super dad, lifeguard, stand up paddler, prone paddler, surf ski paddler, surfer, outrigger paddler…and pretty much anything else that involves being immersed in salt water.



He runs the yearly super event – The South Bay Dozen a celebration of anything and everything you can do in the ocean from paddle sports, sprint racing, dory racing, swimming… you name it.

To get insight into who this guy really is, we reached out to none other then Jamie Mitchell who knows “Murph” from way back – so we give the microphone now to Jamie Mitchell:

Have you ever had that one friend that you know you could call and say “hey there’s a cool opportunity to do this or go there” and you know his answer would be “YES!! When and where do I need to be? ” That same friend who when you go on that trip will be the guy that will be up for anything, always have a smile on his face and make the most out of any situation wether it be good or bad. Then there is the friend that is an awesome parent that travels with his kid and shows her the world through his friends, experiences and willingness to go off the beaten track.. Oh yeh then there’s always that friend that is that guy who may not be the most freakish or hard working athlete but decides he will just about do anything and make his own path in his chosen sport and rack up quite a impressive resume while working a full time job saving lives as a Professional Lifeguard?

Well I have that Friend and his name is Mike Murphy .. And i’m proud to call him a mate… Keep at it Murph.. Your a inspiration to a lot of people my man…  Love ya JM

Welcome to the Committee Mr. Murphy. We love you

2013-06-07 23.51.49

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