May 11

Hard Work Pays Off- Quintin Chipperino Gets The Prize

We get pretty lucky around here to get emails from members of the QB Family who go on to not only surprise us but more importantly– themselves.

Quintin Chipperino is one of those guys we have been lucky to be in contact with over the past year or so and is such a super nice guy, always giving us lots of love and sends us his race results. In addition, he has gone under the wing of Jay Wild as his coach and trainer for this season. Looks like the hard work is paying off…

At the recent Get Up Stand Up 14 Mile race in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico he took out the rest of the field by over 10 minutes in 25 knot head winds and water that resembled a washing machine for half the race. So impressive that we had to get more insight into this one…

Quintin Chipperino

QB: How was the race itself? conditions?? 

Oh WOW , this race was a hard one. Starting out the the first six miles was pretty decent, super flat, and a little bump here and there…

Till around the seven mile mark things started to go down hill, we had head wind blowing steady 20-25 mph with bumps right in our face for the duration of the race. I can most definitely say that was the hardest race I have ever done.

QB: Did you feel good throughout the race? Any hint that you were going to do that well? 

Before the race Jay Wild (coach) has a quick chat over the phone and what the plan was for the race. The goal was to stick with the group until around the halfway point then really try to open up a gap. 

And that’s exactly what happened! I felt great and stayed very relaxed during the first half of the race, then put the pressure on for the second half.

The conditions were terrible going upwind and into the chop was a grind. 

The last two miles felt like forever. I got the worst cramps I have ever had during an event, it felt like every muscle just turned into a knot. 

Coming to the finish line was the biggest relief after that, and even after I finished I couldn’t move. My body was so cramped and in shock of what I just put it through.


QB: What’s next for you? What events are you looking forward to coming up? 

Going forward, I will be residing in the north east and heading up and down the east coast for most of the bigger races for the next couple of weeks. 

I plan on heading over to Euro tour for a couple of events later in the summer. Looks like such a amazing time to race in such spectacular places!


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