Jun 29

Be a Part of the Revamped QB Web Site!

For over 9 years the front page of the Quickblade website has greeted excited paddlers as they start their quest to their perfect paddle. Times are a changing…..60% of you are visiting us from your mobile devices, but our site is not very mobile friendly. Well, in about 4 weeks we will begin to roll out a revamped QuickbladePaddles.com! AND WE WANT YOU TO BE A PART OF IT!

We want to include your feedback about the paddles into the site! here is how you can get involved and win a Quickblade prize pack for being selected.


Using the form below, pick the paddle you want to write about. In the message body write your review.. please consider including the following suggestions:

  • Paddle Specs- Blade Size, Shaft Option, Shaft Length, Grip Type, etc..
  • What do you like about the paddle?
  • How do you use the paddle – downwind? surfing ? racing?
  • Don’t think of it so much as a review, but as if you are trying to describe the paddle to a friend
  • If you feel comfortable, your height and weight

Submit your feedback and we will reach out to you for a photo of you with your paddle and if selected we will also put up links to your social media profiles. We plan on rotating the customer experiences every quarter, so every quarter someone will win the coveted spot on our site and a QB prize pack!  Submit using the simple form below…

Your Name (required)

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Pick your paddle

Your Review


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