Jul 18

The Lap

Roland Muhlen – most of you may not know that name. But around Quickblade, he is a thing of legend. One of the coaches that Jimmy most often refers to – Roland was his first C1 Coach. And was himself, a member of numerous Olympic Canoe teams.

One spring day a sprinter van with a marathon canoe pulled up in front and out popped this jovial, happy gentleman whose smile lit up the room as he walked in. This was the infamous Roland, on a road trip from Ohio seeing Quickblade for the first time.

Roland had one request of us. To do a Lido Lap. For those that don’t know, the Lido Lap is a five mile loop course that starts at Newport Aquatic Center and circles Lido Island in Newport Beach. Roland spent much of his time training in Newport for his Olympic games (and there after) and the Lido Lap was their daily tradition.

Now, 20 years later, here he was at his old training ground, about to paddle that same course with one of his most devoted pupils, Jimmy. This video captures this really special day as a bunch of friends piled into marathon canoes (a vessel you don’t exactly see often in so cal) and paddled the Lido Lap.

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