Nov 22

With Gratitude.. Happy Thanksgiving..love Quickblade

IMG_1783As a friend said the other day “Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, because for one day each year, everyone is focused on one thing. Gratitude”

Which got us thinking here at QB…what are we grateful for?

We are grateful for our roots, our families who have each given us all they could, the best they could to nurture our abilities to get this far in life.

We are grateful for where we live, the US, a country that would allow someone like Jimmy to have a dream, follow it to four Olympics and be able to create something like Quickblade.

We are grateful for sportsmanship. That nod and handshake before and after a race. That genuine joy when your buddy beats you that inspires you to train a little harder next time. The cheerful black slap on the beach followed by a beer and laugh at the beer garden afterwards. Scan 371


Our team here at QB would not be able to thrive without the presence of a woman who calls herself “momma bear” . If Hugo is the heartbeat of QB, Lizzie is the heart. She pumps life and vitality into everyone she meets. She always wants to help others and is one person you want by your side in anything that should happen in life. Whatever it is that you need – an aspirin (as pictured ), a hug, a person to confide in, a laugh, a ride, someone to babysit, or just to believe in you – she will have your back. Team QB is so so grateful she is our head dishwasher












Photo Aug 22, 1 41 59 PM











We are grateful to TEAM QB (both past and present). It’s been crazy to think that a guy from Ohio can start a company that works with people like Kalama, Jamie Mitchell and Travis Grant. Jim was one of the first to make paddles for Laird back in the burgeoning beginnings of SUP. And since that start, we have been involved in the careers of pioneering women like Andrea Moller, Candice Appleby, Morgan Hoesterey, Jenny Kalmbach, Brandi Basic- gold medalists like Kriztina Zur and have added the talents of athletes like Penelope Strickland, Laura Quetglas, Kali’a Alexiou Shae Foudy, Lexi Alston and others coming up the ranks. We have a team of dynamic guys who are pushing themselves harder and harder each year like Lincoln Dews, Casper, Mo Frietas, Titouan Puyo, Giorgio Gomez. In fact on Sup Racer’s rankings, we can tout that 50% of the top 10 men in the world choose QB. And of course, we have our pioneering men and families like Mikey Munoz, Mike Bond, Anthony Vela, Larry Cain, Chase Kosterlitz, Derek Schrotter, The Flying Debor Brothers, Rand Carter and Trent Carter, Seth Springer and Matix Springer, Sage and Delia Quinn, Jay and Anik Wild, Gene Smith, Michael Murphy– the list could go on and on of people who feel truly honored to have as a part our lives through paddling





And we are grateful for Kelly Margetts. Why? Because he is Kelly Margetts and we have this great shot of him doing what everyone loves to do after a race. Kick back, laugh and have a beer.

But in all seriousness… we are most grateful for our QB Retailers and all of you who have purchased QB products from them and directly from us. Most may not know this, but Quickblade is literally a small business.

We have Jim and Lizzie – Hugo, Michael, Stacey and myself (Chris). In the paddle shop we have JJ. We have Jojo out there on the road and Janice oversees our books. We have a shop dog, Maverick who keeps us all smiling. We are not a huge company. Most times if you call, you might get one of the owners on the phone. We are still learning, we are still ironing out wrinkles as they come up. But we always make sure that every paddle that goes out the door is perfect. It is free of any defects, it paddles and looks like a paddle we would paddle ourselves.


There are no big machines packing our boxes, it’s all done by hand. What ever you order, a hat, tee shirt or all carbon V Drive – it’s handled by one of us (well, not me, they don’t let me near anything that involves a tool!). So thank you for supporting a legit mom and pop shop. A company with deep history and even deeper heart and soul. It’s more than a job to the people here. We all paddle and we all are passionate about living life out on the water.


IMG_140723632804_1560552477315058_8315318481289776417_oLastly we would be remiss if we were not grateful for the miracle that is LIFE. For some this holiday is not filled with joy and gratitude. Myself included. But how can we not be grateful for just the simple fact that we get to take a breath everyday and get another chance to paddle, surf and play out in this adventurous wonderland at our disposal? So let’s laugh and go out and play. Celebrate miracles of life- like our main man Hugo’s little miracle that arrived this past week 🙂  (pictured above)



Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Eat lots of turkey, soak in lots of gratitude and we hope you feel the love from your family and friends. Figured the best way to end this would be a shot of Dave Kalama doing an insane cut back. Why? Because it’s Dave Kalama doing a big cut back.

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at Quickblade!

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