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May 18

We Have Vector Net Paddles! And So Should You!

After lots of experimentation that came from our Matchsticks program we are so happy to announce the wide release of our new Vector Net paddle line up. These are really beautiful paddles! So what is this construction? It is both carbon and fiberglass – a hybrid construction. We start by painting the core of the …

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Feb 11

Welcome Our New Blade Sizes! V 71 and Trifecta 76

After the success of the V Drive and Trifecta we started to get a number of requests from the groms and smaller paddlers of the world — Can’t you make me something smaller? Well, guess what… we did.. and we did so in a couple colors as well as our traditional all carbon construction. The …

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Jan 15

QB Matchsticks!!

Match Sticks! They were all the rage at the SURF EXPO in Florida this weekend. And from the ringing phones and emails, sounds like you all are just as excited about these new paddles as we are. Truthfully, the concept was hatched by the mad scientist about a year ago. After seeing the prominence¬†of the …

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Jan 14

What’s in Their Hands? Paddle Stats, Part 2

First off, thank you to everyone for all of the amazing comments, thoughts and sentiments after we did the last post about our paddles being used by more of the world’s top 25 racers then any other paddle brand.¬†If you missed that original post, check it out here. Since the original post, our friend at …

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Jun 23

Men’s Journal Calls V Drive “essential”

Besides wins at most of the major races of the 2014 and so far the 2015 season. The V Drive Paddle from Quickblade has been named by Men’s Journal as one of the top five essential items needed for Stand Up Paddling. Along with such iconic items as the Yakima SUP Dawg racks and the …

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Feb 27

The Ever Asked Question of Blade Sizes

Jim Terrell’s email inbox is a nightmare. If it were a physical bin, it would be like someone dumping reams and reams of paper into it every morning. It would over flow and flood into the office next door and out into the driveway. It’s easy to think “The guy runs Quickblade, he must paddle …

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