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Apr 13

Join Us In Supporting Pipeline to a Cure

On a fall day we had the pleasure of meeting some really special young ladies. They seem outwardly like any other child, but inwardly they are fighting the life threatening disease of Cystic Fibrosis. This is a disease with no known cure that attacks the body’s organs making them fill with mucus and it really …

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Mar 24

The Unstoppable Jonas

There are people that come into  your life that make a world of difference. Jonas is one of those people. This video explains how a double amputee from Brazil ended up spending a week with us here at Quickblade and not only taught us about life, but about faith. In the spirit of Easter and the …

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Feb 10

Meanwhile In Singapore

Our retailer, Loh, in Singapore just sent us a really nice note with a BUNCH of photos from their race over there two weeks ago. Singapore is starting to become quite a popular SUP destination for many featuring lots of waterways to explore. It’s actually home to a thriving OC and Dragon Boat community so …

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Jan 06

QB Top Videos of 2015

Well, we failed to make the “boss man” SUP Racer Top 15 videos 🙁  But – we still managed to capture some good times and provide you all with some good old fashioned paddling information. We took some time and made our own QB Top 5 SUP Videos of the year based on our actual views….We are already …

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Nov 04

Warren’s Moto Adventure!!

QB’s Canada dealer, Warren Currie sent us some pretty epic photos this last week. Warren is not only a stand up paddler  – but a motorcycle enthusiast. He has done trips on his bike in the winter to go on some pretty epic snowboard adventures and recently went on a SUP adventure – combining two …

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Sep 29

Payette 2015

After the 2014 Payette River Games event (When Jamie Mitchell confirmed his super hero status by winning the Axe throw) it went onto our calendar as a MUST. So Jimmy deployed along with our in house film maker Pat Myers. Over there they met up with our team that included Kelly Margetts, Shakira Westrop, Candice …

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Jun 25

Battle of Lake Telford From Ryan

Our good buddy Ryan Knysh checked in from Canada with some photos and a little write up on theBattle of Lake Telford put on by our other good buddy Warren Currie (of Easy Rider fame) . Ryan is a GREAT guy. We were lucky to have him show up here at our shop during his …

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